The Christ Follower in this Pandemic

Background The invisible Covid-19 virus has impacted society significantly for the past 2 years. Despite its impactful hold on the world today, there are ancient principles being laid bare for the teachable believer. Observing these principles will keep our feet steady in the day of crisis, where many are usually swayed by the different winds … More The Christ Follower in this Pandemic

Have Faith-Part 1

Knowing that God is able, is not sufficient to see His manifestation in our personal lives. But a conviction of His preferred will is the key for the activation of His presence. Our knowledge of Him, should move us to keep on holding on to Him till the end. Our knowledge of Him gives us a good reason to be persistent and to keep on trusting Him that He will do so. Then the reality of His preferred will defines us and not what we experience. … More Have Faith-Part 1

Salted Salt – cont.

The core message that Jesus is conveying is: faith in Christ (salt) is alive (salted), when it is demonstrated by the works that coincide with that faith or transformed life.

Works are the evidence of faith. Faith in Christ always results in good works. Someone who professes faith in Christ and willfully sins has a dead faith. In this particular passage, Jesus is making the point that faith is useless without living in peace with one another, this also goes for the ones who believe differently.  … More Salted Salt – cont.

Meditation: What is the Gospel?

We need to have the God intended understanding and focus of the new order of justification by faith in Christ, if we want to live the reality of God’s purpose for this new order. It is wrong to teach and belief that the main purpose of Christ’s death and resurrection is to make us live upright and holy before God. It is also wrong to teach that the gospel only entails the death and resurrection of Christ … More Meditation: What is the Gospel?