img_20180822_105855-e1536423563987Bible reading can be challenging and difficult. Let’s be honest, our flesh doesn’t like to read the bible and without the necessary guidance it can be a dry and dull experience, which will not be on our top 3 to-do list.

We are all in a life long battle on this earth and each day we can confirm that our biggest friend and our worst enemy is the person we stare at in the mirror. So, we need all the encouragement, edification and comfort we can get when it comes to reading the bible. If it seems that your neighbour is living a perfect christian life, I can assure you that s/he is also fighting just like you and me. This blog is therefore intended to openly share my journey of spiritual growth through scripture engagement, with the intention to strengthen you, “that is that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:11-12)

My name is Eunike Alexander – Misiekaba. I am from Suriname, the only dutch-speaking country in South-America(read more about Suriname here). I am freshly married to Charbert Alexander; I got married on 27 October 2017. ( I promise to share some pictures in a later posts). I love the Lord with all my heart and I love people.

With this blog I’d like for others to see Christ and the power of interacting with Him through His word. The ultimate goal is that you and I can increase our engagement with the Word of God and keep a steady pace of worship to the Father.

The Word of God was never meant to only increase our knowledge, it is meant for us to relate and interact with God in a deeper way by the transformation it brings about in us. The many times we become lukewarm, cold, weary, tired or confused is when this interaction is fading away. Through this blog I will be openly sharing my faith through the interactions I am having through the reading of the word and I’d like to invite you to share your faith as well. I promise to keep it short, sweet and simple 🙂 We are part of the same household and we need that mutual encouragement everyday. So, I look forward to reading from you too!